My Cat Is 7.5 Weeks Pregnant And Bleeding. Why?


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Did you find out if your cat had her babies?

One of my cats, last April, went into labor after what seemed like a normal duration of pregnancy, maybe a lil early, but, long story short, she ended up having miscarriages of each baby, which all seemed to have stopped growing some time before her body miscarried. However, when she went to have her first contraction, the blood the came out was very thin, or, well, normal blood, definitely not thick or a discharge by any stretch of the imagination.

Your cat might be getting ready to go into labor, so if she hasn't picked a spot yet, perhaps you can make her a nice little spot, preferably in a dark, cool area with little to no disturbance whatsoever. When my cats have litters, they seem to really like the fact that I have a heating pad for them in their birthing and caring area. I always keep it covered with a thin blanket or pillow case, and never put the heat higher than the lowest setting. Like human women, a menstruating cat also feels the relief of cramping when the heating pad is available :)

By the way, how long has long has your cat been bleeding? If all of her ovum weren't fertilized, she could actually still be in heat! That would make sense if she has been bleeding since she became pregnant.

I hope your cat and her kittens turn out to be just fine and healthy.

Good luck and God's speed,


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She started bleeding Friday then it stopped,,,started back up again Saturday and then stopped far no more blood? She has me very confused . I am still not feeling movement other than the fetus seem to be in different locations when I feel her? In all rights she should not be due untill the 8th of October. Sje is still acting normal and friendly and not in pain. I am holding off on the vet ,if she is losing them then there is nothing to do but wait,same goes if they are healthy? As long as she remains healthy with no signs of infection .I guess I will play the waiting game.
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Either she had her babys already or she miscarried.cats still look pregnant even if they had their babies.push on her belly and see if its still hard yet.happened to my cat.she was bleeding and come to realize she had them a week ago....they always hide their babies
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She shouldn't be bleeding at all unless she is in labor or already had the kitten, or again if she has miscarried. I would call the vet and just get her checked. Good luck 
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Yea all women bleed cause of the menstration cycle,cats don't menstrate like women and dogs. If she's bleeding she's either starting labor or having complications
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My cat had spotting blood today, I don't know how far in the pregnecy she is, I can feel the kittens moveing, do you think she is in early stage of labour

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