Why Does My Female Dog Have A Disgusting Smelly Discharge?


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There are many reasons as to why dogs may discharge from the genitals. The discharge can alter in color, thickness, and odor depending upon the cause and/or sex of the animal.

If the discharge is abnormal and/or you are worried about the dog's health, it is best to seek medical attention for the animal rather than delaying and possibly allowing any health problems the dog maybe suffering to get worse. A veterinarian is trained in identifying and finding ways of solving many health issues in animals, including dogs.

Female dogs tend to release a liquid like discharge (not urine). This is produced by the labia of the vulva of the female genital and is completely normal. These discharges may vary in color: A clear, water-like discharge is known as the serous, a thick blood and fairly grey in color discharge is known as the mucousy, a yellow or green discharge known as the purulent and a dark green or black discharge common in female dogs after giving birth.

A blood discharge is normal in female dogs and is usually an indication that the dog is in heat. If the dog is pregnant then any form of discharge is considered to be abnormal and medical attention should be sought. In some cases after giving birth, the placenta may fail to recede and a watery or bloody discharge may be apparent, this is also considered abnormal.

An opaque, purulent discharge from the vulva of the animal may be a sign of urogenital infection such as the urinary tract and/or the uterus (known as pyometra). If the dog is suffering Neoplasia and/or cancer in the urogenital tract a blood mucous may start to discharge. A watery mucous may become apparent in the case of vaginitis or an inflammation of the dogs vagina. Bloody secretions may be a sign that the dog is suffering from coagulation or clotting disorder.

These are only some examples of reasons as to why the dog is discharging. Although some of the discharges are very normal in female dogs, if the occurrence is not normal for your animal it is highly recommended to consult a veterinarian about the matter.
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Hi my dog had this once. I work on the road and my dog would wake me up at night with a disgusting smell and licking her self. I finally took her to the vet and learned that I should have took her a lot sooner! She had a bad infection in her uterus. It was 4 times the size that it should be and they took it out that day. So take her to the vet!!!
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She might have an infection, it would be best to take her to the vet. My dog had something like this once, and the vet said it was an infection gave me some meds for her and it cleared up real quick.
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If she is not Spayed, she could have a infected Uterus. This is not a good thing, because if her uterus gets infected and she is not spayed, it could make her so sick it could kill her. Get her to your Vet ASAP to get checked out.
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I think it's an infection of some sort, and it won't get better without medicine for it. You are going to have to take her to the vet. Hope this helps you out.
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Pus generally signals infection.  It is unusual for dogs to have a vaginal infection once they have been spayed.  Foreign bodies can cause infection, puppy vaginitis, urinary tract infection, and localized pyoderma (skin infection) could all be causes of your dog's problem.  It is concerning that she has a decreased appetite.  It would be best to have her examined by a veterinarian to make sure it is not something serious.  If she stops eating, is lethargic, starts vomiting, has pale gums, and stops drinking she needs to be examined immediately.
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Some dogs can spot for up to 12 days after giving birth .
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Well the first thing I would ask you is the dog spayed if not she could be have female problems it also could be a simple yeast infection but the best thing to do is take her to the vet my sisters dog was having a faults pregnancy and had to be spayed to save her life so as I said the best thing to do is take her to the vet
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Brown stuff that you are mentioning in your dog might be bloody discharge that is normal during whelping, immediately after delivery and during heat cycle in dogs. Vaginal bleeding other than these conditions in dogs is abnormal. After delivery, dark green or black discharge is also normal for 3 weeks.

After delivery, if placenta sites are not recede then watery or sometimes bloody discharge start. This discharge is not normal and need vet visit. If your dog is pregnant and delivery is near then ideally, you should get help from your local vet in order to avoid any complication.
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I have a small 25 lbs mix lab border collie golden female dog. Just yesterday I noticed coming out of her but is some puss and blood mixture, she keeps licking it and wants to go outside a lot, she hasn't messed but now and then she leaves little spots of fluids from that area. What could it be any ideas? Or ideas of how involved it would be
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Since I am not a vet ,take your dog to a vet .  Since you do not say that the discharge is fecal or urinary. It sounds like a urinary track infection. Like a people get.
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Yes it is just like a woman gining birth you have to get rid of the extra blood an stuff in there.  Just make sure it is not bright red then you are in trouble.
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It probobly is the first day or maybe to but, if it happens more you really should see a vet because if it is partly blood, you don't want her to lose too much.
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She is probably in heat and ready to practice the act of making babies. Have you noticed stray dogs coming up to your home? They are likely males. They can smell that discharge
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it sounds like a yeast infection my dog had the same problem and I was told to give her plain yogurt. and it worked.give it to her 3-4 times a day.

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