Can A Mother Cat Supress Her Delivery?


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Yes , Mother cats can suppress delivery! We had a pregnant mother cat and she was very young. Basically a baby having a baby. Her water broke and we were expecting kittens soon after. Well , she had one at 07:30 in the morning. When I came back from work there was still one kitten. There is a certain amount of time in which the mother should have all her kits and 12 hours had passed since the first delivery. We tried to encourage the mother but she didn't want to go through what she did on the first one! When your around cats as much as I've been you can tell she wasn't trying so we had to take her to an animal hospital where she had to be given oxytonin to induce her to deliver. She had two more kittens at the hospital. She again had to get another dose to induce her because she still had two kittens to birth yet. She had the fourth just before we left and the last one in the car. They are all healthy cats now.
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Yes cats can suppress their delivery. My very young cat gave birth to a kitten and refused to take care of it. She acted as if she did not know what happened to her, she ran around the room all hair raised on her body and howling. After I took care of the kitten by removing the birth sack and cutting the umbilical cord and drying her off Mom had settled down enough to take over her duties. She was a great Mom that night. The next day I was sure there another kitten so we waited and 24 hours later she gave birth to kitten #2 and once again walked away and left the kitten immediately after delivery and went to eat.. Again I played Midwife and took kitty#2 to Mommy. Again she became Super Mom.... My vet said a cat will surpress delivery if she is stressed. All is well now Kitty #2 is now 7 months old and Mommy still lets him nurse!
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A cat cannot suppress a delivery. What you want to do is to make sure that she has at least one bed made up for her, three is the recommended number, placed around the house so she can pick the one that suits her best for delivery, and make sure that the sides of the box are low enough that she doesn't have to jump over or rub her belly.
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Cats can't deliberately supress her delivery, but any difficulty with a single kitten can cause exhaustion, or a lack of hormones (especially in a cat that was really too young for pregnancy) can cause dangerous delays, and even the cessation of contractions.

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