How Should I Feed The Mother Cat And The Kittens?


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You should keep the food, water and the litter box near the mother cat but away from the kittens. Keep an eye on the cat and check if she is taking the food and using the litter box.
The cat's appetite becomes almost the double in 2 to 3 days after delivering the kittens and she needs more nutrients for feeding the kittens. She should be given good minerals and vitamin tablets.

A normal kitten weighs around 100 grams at the time of its birth. If a kitten weighs less than 90 grams it may die. The daily weight gain of a kitten is 7-10 grams. If there is no weight gain the kitten may be ill.

As children copy their parents kittens also imitate their mother 's eating and drinking habits after 3 to 4 weeks at this age you can provide the kitten nutritional mush. The kittens should be given 3 to 4 meals in a day in the beginning by the time they are 7 to 8 weeks old they should eat dry food, drink water and use the litter box.
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House cats are small, of various coat patterns, and have social skills but the fact is they are of the same species as the lions of Africa. Lions do not hunt and kill a bag of 50lb bag of dry food. A cat’s liver does not produce enzymes to break down carbs. They are carnivores. Big or small cats, their diet has to be proteins, fats and fiber. No, dry food does not clean their teeth. Please, chop down on some Oreo Cookies and then look in the mirror and see how clean your teeth are afterwards.

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