When Does A Cat Mother Produce Milk?


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A mother cat does not start producing actual "milk" until one to two days after the kittens are born. During the pregnancy (at the end) she produces "colostrum" which is made up of antibodies and other nutrients that her newborns need. (It is very, very important for the kittens to get the colostrum- it helps build their little immune systems and protect them from illness and disease). For the first day or two of the kittens' lives, they will get colostrum. After the colostrum is gone, they'll get milk.
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I'm glad I saw this, Do they normally leak a little before the birth of the litter? Also does anyone know the signs of a cat going into labor? Mine is sorda having a little leakage out of her vagina..
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Mueller05- Sometimes they will leak before birth- If you notice a discharge from her nipples, she is most likely leaking.

I will put the symptoms of a cat going into labor in another response, so I don't run out of room.
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The signs of a cat going into labor include:
- She won't have an appetite.
- She will have a lot of "nervous energy"
- Some cats will cry, others will be more silent.
- Most cats are more clingy, but some want to be left alone.
- She will begin to produce a discharge from her vagina. Usually this isn't seen; the mother cat will lick it away as it appears.

If you see any green discharge (of any kind) or bright red discharge, call or take your cat to the Vet right away. Hope this helps!!

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