Will A Mother Cat Ignore Her Kittens If They Are Handled By Humans?


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Not usually, as long as you are giving the mother cat lots of attention also. It will actually help keep the kittens from becoming wild .
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This is a rather unusual behavior. Cats usually stop caring for their kittens when they are old enough to look after themselves. Maybe the kittens were old enough.
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No, the mother will not ignore her kittens. She may move them to a safer locations should she feel threatened or uncomfortable, but she will certainly not ignore them. They should be handled a few minutes each day from about 3 weeks of age.
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How odd, and sad, NO the kittens will not die if they are handled by humans. Otherwise evry labor that needed manual assistance to induce it would die.
They died because they DIDNT get handled, to a better place in side.
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Sometimes when a kitten is handled by humans, the kitten will pick up a human's scent and the mother will ignore it thinking it's not hers.
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No, that is nonsense. A mother cat who shares a home with her human family is used to the scents of her human companions and will not find this a threat. No mother cat will ignore its babies. Cats are excellent mothers and if they were not, then this world would not be overrun by fefal kittens everywhere.

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