How To Keep A Mother Cat From Killing Her Kitten?


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There really isn't a way to keep a mother cat from killing her kittens, other than to separate them and give the kittens to another nursing cat, or take care of the kittens yourself. Taking care of abandoned kittens is a lot of work.

Each kitten must be fed every hour to hour and a half. There are special bottles (they look like tiny baby bottles) that you can feed the kittens with, or you can use a medicine dropper. They'll need to eat kitten formula. This can be purchased in the liquid (ready to use) or powder (you have to mix) form, and can be purchased from your Vet, or from Wal-Mart or any major pet store.

In addition, you must stimulate the kittens to make them urinate and defecate. This is very important, or the kittens won't survive. To stimulate the kittens to urinate and defecate, you need to gently rub the kitten's genitals with warm moist cotton ball or washcloth.

Finally, you must keep the kittens sufficiently warm at all times. A good temperature for the their room is between 75 and 85 degrees. Be careful, you don't want it to be to warm, though. Newborn kittens are unable to regulate their own body temperatures, which means that they are unable to shiver when cold or sweat when to warm. Letting the kittens get to cold can result in respiratory ailments and even death.

Congratulations on your new babies! Let me know if you need more info.
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My cat has just had her first litter, and is the best possible mum she could be.  She actually encourages us to tickle her belly while the kittens are feeding (and this started on the first day they were born).  If your cat is affectionate and trusts you completely she will be far less likely to harm her kittens.  Cat's have natural instincts for looking after their kittens - ours new exactly what to do.  In my experience a cat who attacks her babies does so because she is uncomfortable with her surroundings and doesn't trust the people around her.  For any of those thinking we are bad ''parents'' for touching our cat when the babies were born - you obviously don't have the kind of relationship and trust with your cat that we have - and I would never have touched her if she hadn't invited us to.
For those of you saying to take the babies away straight away - that's appalling, and chances are your cat senses your mood (that you are worried that she will attack them and probably feeling awkward and suspecting the worst of your queen) Your mood will make her feel uncomfortable, and you're probably not the sort of person who should be breeding cats, or any animal if you are going to think the worst and not let nature take its course.  If your cat is comfortable and feels safe, she will do the right thing.
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I have never had a cat that did that.. I usually let the mother take care of them I do not disturb them for the first week or so .. She may be mad that you are around them you may want to give them a quiet place together and see what happens.
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I have a friend who has a mother cat and kittens are 8 weeks (where) they where all alive this morning locked in the bathroom and she went in to check on them and one kitten is completely missing and one was dead and all she found of the third is the head. Help! What happened and this usual?
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A mother cat, if first litter, does not know how to care for kittens and will often kill them. This is common in the animal world, and believe it or not, with a lot of women who suffer from post partum depression. Best to seperate ktttens as soon as you can. Give them a warm place, with hot water bottle preferably, as heating pads can burn. You can use eye drops or there are special bottles you can buy to nurse kittens. A vet can best advise on how to nurse them. You don't want to give them straight cows milk as this can kill them. There is a way of dissolving milk with water and vitamins which a vet can prescribe to feed them seperately. If mommy cat comes to close, keep her out of reach till kittens are adopted or can fend for themselves
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Why would she kill her OWN kitten?

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