How Can I Help Mother Cat After Taking Kittens Away? She Won't Stop Looking For Them.


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How old were the kittens when you got rid of them? If they were less than 6 weeks, they were too young, and she would know that. If they were older than the 6 weeks, she will be o.k. And after a while, she will calm down. It is really hard on a new mother,  if it was her first litter too, and she will love the extra attention that  you should give her now. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the mother. Merry Christmas.
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Kittens should not be sold or adopted until 8 weeks, not a month. I actually prefer 12 weeks, as it enables proper training and weaning.
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Yeah, kittens that are given away before AT LEAST 8 weeks often develop health and/or behavioral problems.
12 Weeks is best, those extra few weeks are when the mother teaches her kitten how to be a cat.
Its better to have a slightly bigger kitten who is happy and healthy, then a cute tiny one who was not at all ready to leave mum.

Lots of attention and distractions should do the trick for your kitty, also if she is not already desexed, I would let her have 1 more litter so she can raise them to 12 weeks. (This is assuming you let them go earlier, causing her to fret).
This way she will feel content and satisfied. Then get her desexed!!

So the key is ATTENTION! Lots of cuddles and toys.
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If the kittens were like couple weeks old that's too young you have to wait till they are at least a month old  so the mother has to feed the little ones
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About a week.Don't worry she'll get over it.FYI my cat had 50 babies so we like had 52 cats cause we have another cat.LOL.Not joke.

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