My Cat Has Just Had Her Kittens, What Do I Do Now?


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You need to start by taking your kittens to the vet, soon after they have been born. They should have a general checkup by the vet. The kittens will be checked for eat mites, worms, fleas, feline leukemia and other signs of disease.

Later, you should have your kitten vaccinated against the most common diseases that affect kittens. These diseases include rabies, feline leukemia and distemper. Kittens require vaccinations at various ages, just like other pets, so be sure to talk to your vet about the schedule for your kitten receiving its shots, boosters, flea treatment and its heartworm prevention.

Your kittens will need to be fed high-quality kitten food, and always have a supply of plenty of clean and fresh water. These things provide the kittens with the necessary nutrients, protein, and calories for healthy growth throughout its adolescence. You should use dry or canned food to feed your kitten between three and four times a day, or leave the food out in daily portions. You should also change the flavours in order to avoid finicky eating habits.

You should then litter train your kittens by placing them in the litter box after meals and after play. You should rub the paws in the litter to stir it into insight interest. You should ensure that you keep the box clean, too, as many kittens will reject a dirty litter box.

You should make sure that you socialise your kittens by handling them often, touching their paws, ears and face. Visitors and children should introduce themselves so that the kitten will always be comfortable. The cat should also become acquainted with other animals, including cat-friendly dogs. Finally, you should look at spaying or neutering your kitten. Talk to your vet about the pros and cons, and how this can be arranged in the future to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
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Dry of all the kittens then leave them with their mom  check on them a lot and don't forget to let the mom drink water a lot so she will have more milk! Make sure they are warm! And for taming them pet them and hold them a lot so they will be used to it when they are older
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Wipe the little kittens dry. Put them in a box with thier mother. Put a towel on the bottom of the box. Let the mom handle the rest. Do this all very gently. The kittens are fragile. Feed the mother in the box. Keep her with the kittens.
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I was inexperienced when this happen to my cat. I got a very big box. Paper and an old towel. Made her a bed and paid the cat attention. She climbed in and out of the box, knowing the kittens where fine. I put the box in a quiet warm part of the house. When the kittens were feeding I helped the slowest to her mum. Purchased worming tablets and flea stuff from vet to ensure it was safe for kittens. Hope this helps.
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Get her and her kittens in a room alone in a box like and just let her rest give new blanket but just let her rest but also check because she might reject one of her babies you will because she won't let it drink milk or she will keep pushing it away if this happens take the kitten and bottle feed.

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The best thing to do is not to touch the babies (mommy will get angry and move them) yet and to make sure the mother cat has plenty of food, she knows what to do, don't worry!
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Well This Happened to Me .... Your Cat Will Give Birth and Then She Will Clean The Kittens Just Make Sure Theres a Nice Comfortable Bed For Her To Put Them in ... Thats All Really So No Need to Panic
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All pet-owners love their pets dearly, and for the owner of a cat, when his or her beloved pet is pregnant with a litter of kittens, it is as important an event in his or her life as it is in the life of the cat herself.

However, there are a lot of people who are not quite ready for the pregnancy of their beloved feline companions. When the cat is expectant, the owners are reluctant to welcome the kittens into the world, but they go ahead with litter of kittens with the intention of either spaying them or selling them immediately after they have been weaned.

The cat will continue to nurse the litter and suppress the return to the cycle. If it comes into contact with a male cat, it will be back in heat after duration of as early as one month after the delivery of the littler and is highly likely to get pregnant even before it has weaned the current litter.
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It's not always that easy. Sometimes like humans they need help. Sometimes they don't clean the kitten out of the sack and they can't breathe. That's where you come in. You must break the sack and blow gently in the kittens face to get it breathing. This usually only happens to first time mommies. They catch on after a while. Sometimes they panic and walk while they are dropping their kittens. Many things can go wrong. It's best if you can be with the mommy until it's over and she is laying quietly nursing her little ones.
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After female cat has kittens leave her alone and provide plenty of food and water if she knows you really well she will let you pick up her kitten unless she is finicky. The female cat will just know what to do. Make sure if you have a dog keep it away from the kittens or you could be at risk of the kitten being mistaken as mice and your dog will attack.

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You will expect the mother cat to bleed a lot, your loving cat won't pay that much attention to you so to her kittens. When my cat had kittens she was so weak and her tongue stuck out and she was acting like a dog, there's an old tale that if you touch the kittens when there small the mother cat won't want them any more so don't TOUCH!!!. Get your cat desexed after she stops breastfeeding as you shouldn't desex your cat when breast feeding because they can't get pregnant then. You can start selling them at 4 weeks old but be aware the mother cat won't like it and she might be a bit grumpy or scratch you.
Yours faithfully maria

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