My Dog Has Red Swollen Eyes,we Have Taken Her To The Vets And Was Told She Probably Had An Allergy As We Have Just Laid Some New Grass Down In Our Garden,she Has Not Improved And Is Now Very Lethargic And Drooling What's Wrong? 13month Old Female


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A dog's allergies can effect not only their eyes, but their digestive tracts, paws, and the mucus membranes in their mouths. In the United States, this is prime allergy season for dogs. If your vet diagnosed allergies, then that's probably what it is. If she's lethargic, she's probably got an upset tummy, or just generally under the weather. Ask your vet if it's okay to give her some Benadryl. Our vet just prescribed that for our dog and it seems to help. But do ask first -- a quick call is all it takes.
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I've given my dogs "Polysporin" for the eyes. Don't confuse the Polysporin for cuts as there are many different kinds for different problems.
It comes in a very thin tube and someone has to hold your dog while you squeeze softly into the lower lid of the eye. Then massage it around. Do this twice daily and the red eyes should dissipate or disappear. Dogs do eat grass which makes them upchuck and it's supposed to be good for them, but what kind of chemicals or what kind of grass did you plant to make him/ her drool and lethargic. There are many kinds of grasses so I would ask your Vet!
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Thanks unfortunatly it turned out it was alot more serious than allergies, she deteriorated quickly and was rushed to the vets who now think that its lung worm she is now being treated and is getting a lot better. Thank you for your answers

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