When My Dog Is Licking My Wife, She Tends To Bite Her A Little. But Not With Me. Why?


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Alpha again. Or is it possible she spend's a little more time with your wife and has less of an idea of what to expect with you? Those little nibbles happen when they get a little carried away. The chin, the nose. Was there a point when you had a strong reaction to this (maybe not on purpose but it can hurt)?
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good news is that your fur baby is biting without breaking the skin which means she has learned that humans have sensitive skin. This leads me to believe that she is no longer a puppy. Puppies frequently nip and bite and many times don’t
realize they are hurting the person they are nipping. Anytime your fur baby
bites too hard give a loud yelp. This should help her understand she is hurting
you and help curb the behavior. Licking is often a form of communication. She could be showing
love and affection, telling your wife she needs attention or letting your wife know she is
submissive to her by showing that she respects her. Perhaps she sees you as the alpha and respects you too much to nip at you. Here’s a link to a dog training system we found helpful! bit.ly/2JzlWSe

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