Why Isn't My Cat Going To The Bathroom?


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If your cat is not urinating, there is potentially a huge problem. You cat may have a urinary blockage. This is extremely uncomfortable, painful and deadly for your cat. The kidneys will start to shut down and the cat will go into shock, his bladder is also at risk for rupturing. This can be helped though by taking him to the vet. Please do not wait on this! It is a horrible way for a cat to die. If the cat is not having a bowel movement, then there are a few possibilities... He may have an intestinal blockage (i.e. Foreign body or constipation) or he is not eating enough to produce stool which means he is sick as well. Sometimes if it is constipation (early) your vet can just administer an enema. If he has something like mega-colon or chronic constipation some more invasive treatment may be needed. I know this all seems like a lot but it is better to take to the vet and get some answers. The sooner the treatment, the better! I hope this helps you and your kitty!
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If the cat is not urinating, or only a small amount at a time or acts like it's straining to go, get the cat to a vet. This could be a urinary blockage, which can be a life threatening situation. Again, call your vet if the cat is having bowel movement problems. This could be caused by many things. Only a vet can tell you for sure if your cat needs medical intervention, dietary help etc. Hope this helps! (I'm a cat lover who has seen quite a bit of "cat health issues". Cats sometimes don't show they have a health problem. We, their owners have to be vigilant on their behalf.)
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I have a 20yr cat that is having problems with his bows.  I don't think he took a poop over  a week.  It looks like he has to go, but nothing comes out. What could that be?  I did changed his cat food too.  The only thing he does is sleep, and drink water.
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We can't really answer that. You should visit a vet.
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I am not a vet, but I have had cats my whole life. The only time my cats had these symptoms was due to an illness, often a life threatening one. I would suggest you take your cat to the vet. The sooner the better.
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Your cat may be constipated or may have another stomach problem. It could also be the food you are feeding your cat. To be sure, take your cat to the vet, so it can checked out.
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Possibly she has a urinary tract infection. Give her plenty of water. She should really see a vet if her condition does not improve in order to get a correct diagnosis and medication if needed.

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