My hermit crab is lying on his side, out of his shell, not moving. He doesn't smell or look different. I checked the food and water and it was fine. He doesn't really smell of chemicals. I've had him for about a year - is he dead or molting?


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Hermies only molt after they bury themselves several inches under the sand. 

They only come out of their shell to molt or change shells. If your hermie has come out of his shell, he is probably dying, or has died. 
I've had this happen to me a few times. I'm sorry for your loss, but to keep one for a year is awesome, so don't feel too bad. =) Mine never lasted that long.
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Christen Braundmeier
Hermies are difficult to care for. You should be much happier with a rat.. They're easier to care for and play with. =) Just make sure you handle it gently and often for small amounts of time until it gets used to you, and you'll have a good friend. ^-^
Christen Braundmeier
The best thing you can do is leave it where it is and make sure it has plenty of clean shells to choose from. =) Make sure you keep it's environment moist and warm to help it out!

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