My Cat's Eyes Are Not Responding To Light. What Could Be Wrong, And Can It Be Fixed?


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The cause of apparent blindness and lack of pupillary light reflex needs to be determined by your veterinarian.  Once the cause is known then we'll know the prognosis and if it is treatable. 
This could be a primary problem with the eyes--retina, lens, or other component or a neurological problem. 
Please get this cat in immediately--the sooner this is diagnosed and treated the better and more likely normal function can be returned.
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You really need to take him to the vet, sorry, but is there a chance that someone might have burned his eyes with the laser pen without you knowing it? How old is the cat? See why I am saying this, it could have been a stroke or something like that. Hope this helps you out, good luck.
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Probably he is a indoor pet and the light is too bright!
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Maybe it is blind take it to the vet
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Sounds like your cat is seriously ill, lack of pupil response is a sign of brain damage.  See a vet right away.

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