My Hamster Has A Swollen Tongue And Is Hanging Out His Mouth What Should I Do Apart From Taking It To The Vet?


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My hamster also has that and I have been giving him a new type of food.So I'm going to pray it's not a tumor.
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This could be a tumor, in which there is nothing you could do for it. This could also be an allergic reaction to food? Did you give it any new treat or food?Can it swallow? This really should see a vet. Immediately.
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Thank you for the advice it tuned out it was a tumor and was put down yeturday by the vet but they said he didnt suffer but he was three so he lived a verylong life for a hamster
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I'm sorry for your loss. Even though there will never be another hamster like this one, a pet is a wonderful stress reliever,someone to talk to and tell all your secrets to. They are a great friend! They love you unconditionally.They are always happy to see you, no matter what.

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