My cat is still barley eating and is just sleeping. He moves from two diffrent spots but just sleeps and I can't afford to take him to the vet. Also he can't keep his head up even if I lift it. There is some kind of yellow substance coming from his butt?


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Darling Divaa answered

Aww please find some way to take him to the Vet. Maybe borrow the money if you can. The little guy needs medical help and soon.

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Sounds like he got worms or a parasite and unless he gets medical attention than your going lose your kitty.  You know there is credit card online which can help you pay for cost of medical treatment for your pets. Maybe look into it ,

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J-- C-- answered

I say to people with pets the same thing I say to people with kids - if you can't afford them (food, housing, clothing as necessary, medical care when required) don't have them.

Take your cat to the vet or you will see it die. My sympathies lie with your cat.

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Joy Ryder answered

It could be so many things.  He must have water if not food.  Even if you have to bottle feed it to him.  Also you can give him kitten formula  or even baby formula .  

It makes a good meal replacer and is full of nutrients and vitamins your kitty needs.  Also pedialite or even Gatorade  instead of water.  But you have to get something down him right now or you are going to lose him.

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