What is a good small dog?


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A jug!!!! It's a jack russel terrier and a pug, that's what I have, there short and big like pugs, unless yours is skinny and a little taller, and they have the cutest faces! They are hyper and playful sometimes like mine and they like to sleep a lot to...mine even snores!!!! Lol but he's a cutie and I would die without him:) I love my buddy boy he makes my day when I come home and he wags his little curled tail and gives me kisses, if you get one, enjoy him/her!  Because buddy is the best dog ever mostly when you rub his tummy lol and he loves to sleep in the sun
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Oh ya and he's like 16/20 pounds is how
Big they get unless you give them one to many treats.....lol
Brittany Peterson
My dog is few pounds overweight because we give her like 10 treats a day! Sounds so cute!
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Pekaliers!!  They are a mix between Cavalier King Charles spaniels and Pekingese 
Here is a pic of my puppy Isabel (left) and my sisters puppy Xavier (right)!
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A pug!!! Do get a pug, they're so sweet and playful. I had a pug a couple years back and he was the cutest thing ever! They're very patient and always friendly. They're quite hardy but don't do well in really hot weather. My pugsy died of kidney stones though =( miss him badly..
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Pug is small dogs, pet dogs, a family companion, intelligent, stable personality, gentle, lively and Shih Tzu dog with gorgeous hair and beautiful appearance, small size, smart, very gentle.

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I would say the chinse chawwa
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My dog was a pekingese and chihuahua cross and she was a bit small and really hardy! Despite all the storms, hardships in the house, it still survived and its friendly when you know it more......
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Westiesss :) I have one.
Their hypoallergenic (don't shed) small, and very family friendly.
They are sorta expensive... Mine was 800$CDN
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I have an aaaaamazing Pomeranian, BUT, he is big for a pom.  He is 19 pounds and I really think this makes all the difference.  If you can get a dog that is big for its breed, so it is still small enough to sit in your laugh but big enough to fend for itself, not yip, etc, you will be really happy.  I can rough house with him, go swimming, etc but still cuddle up with him at night.  It is truly the best of both worlds!  :)
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A pug my grandmother has one even though they can be high maintenance they are very friendly and playful and loyal....

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