What Kind Of Dog Makes A Good House Dog?


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My daughter has two Golden Labs and they are both easy going and love the children. They are smart and very protective.
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Well first, you have to ask yourself what size dog to I want? In considering this, you must think about house size, yard size, and if you have children. If you have a larger house with a large yard, you may want to consider a mid to large size dog. My person favorites are Berneise Mountain dogs or golden retrievers(both great dogs, playful, awesome with other people and kids.) If you have a small yard and house. Or just prefer a small dog, the cavalier king charles spaniel is an amazing dog. I have had two in my house for 4 years and they are great. People consider small dogs less intelligent, but this dog is a genius and has a loving personality. They are easily trainable, wonderful with kids, and only weight 12-18 pounds. They are a beautiful breed and I recommend them to anyone. Great house dogs.
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Any dog can be a good house dog if you train them right. If you're looking for a dog more laid back, Rottweilers, Great Danes, and Mastiffs usually have this quality. If you really do just want a small inside dog then most anything you choose will be good. Pugs are very sweet natured and don't tend to be too hyper as well as Shih Tzus.
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I've been wandering the same thing...

Through my research, I've found that Greyhounds are apparently "amazing" dogs because they don't smell, shed, or need lots of attention.

Tip: If you are wandering something about a breed, go to Google and type in the breed the type in good em' right after it. It (usually) will show you a page that has all the good things about a breed and all the bad things.

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I have a Miniature Schnauzer, and she is the best dog! Try looking up the puppies on google images! Hope you find the dog you're looking for! : )
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I think a weenie dog would be a good dog but they have a lot of back prob.and ect. But its up to you.
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Golden retrieves, they shed a lot, but are very loyal not exactly the best (INDOOR) dog, but still they are very fun. :) *Smiles
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I think that Shelties (Shetland Sheepdogs) are the perfect indoor dogs! But the downside is they shed a lot. Might want to try cocker spaniels too. They're cute.
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As far as being easy to house break , a poodle and a chiuahaua are both easy to train.
Poodles don;t shed but do have to be taken to the groomers about every 3 months. They also tend to bark a lot.
Chiuahua's are great little protector's but they also bark a good bit. They are very loving thought and soooooo sweet! They do shedd a great deal.
Both of these breeds can be trained with a little work.
Dachsund's are wonderful, loving little dogs, but they can be loud and a little stubborn. They can also be trianed with some work.
My personal preference is the poodle. Just because they don't shed and they are so beautiful. They are also very smart dogs.
I also love teacup yorkie terriers. They are so tiny, but they tend to have a lot of health problems. My suggestion would be to just determine what qualities you want in an inside dog and go from there.
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American bulldog Makes a good house dog they just sleep all day if you wont them to and thay are rly good gard dogs

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