What Is A Good Small Dog For An Elderly Person?


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helen baillie-gutteridge Profile
Papillon are sweet natured and Tibetan Spaniels are nice too. I would avoid the very hairy breeds as these require more grooming than your gran may want to cope with. I would also avoid any breed that is noisy or nervous. A lot depends on how fit your gran is and whether she has experience of owning a dog.
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My grandmother had a peekapoo it is a very sweet dog loves it's owner
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janet answered
Shitzu is nice size dog good for older person who like quiet, maltesse is nice temperament too..poodles are very yappy too much manitence
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If your grandmother is looking for a very loyal, highly intelligent dog that will be as active or as "cuddly" as she wants on a day-to-day or even an hour-to-hour basis, a Boston Terrier is a great dog. Known as the "American Gentleman", the Boston is a wonderful dog for all ages. They are extremely intelligent, and take very well to training (the males probably more so than the females in general), and will often in fact teach themselves "tricks". In many households, people find that the Bostons have actually trained the people!

Bostons have short hair, so no clipping or hair grooming besides an occasion bath is needed. Their toenails do need clipping once in awhile, although two that I have had actually have took care of this themselves by "trimming" the nails very efficiently every week on their own!

They are susceptible to extreme temperatures, and should never be left outside -- they ARE NOT OUTSIDE DOGS NO MATTER WHAT THE CONDITIONS ARE IN ANY SEASON. Humans have bred all the things that could protect them such as hair, extra weight, and so on, from weather out of the breed.

They love to be with their people, and will be extremely happy to play "tennis ball", chew on a nylabone beside you, cuddle on your lap, sleep next to you while you read, play fetch, deliver notes or magazines to another room, shake hands, tug on an old sock until you are worn out and then lay quietly waiting until you are ready to start all over again. They will defend a child from any threat, and play as gently as possible with that child.

Truly, the American Gentleman.
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Small terriers of most kinds make great pets. Terriers are quite loyal and generally intelligent. They are small so they are good for indoors. I've often seen a lot of elderly ladies with Scottish or australian terriers. I have a mini fox terrier and she's great and adapted well to her new life.
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A pug or yorkie, pomeranian, or a cocker spaniel
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I believe that the best choice small breed for an elderly person is definitely a Poodle. They are very docile, loyal, few health problems and they don't shed their fur. Missy
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Unless you are willing to help train the dog I would find her an adult dog that is already house-trained.
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