Are Pet Hamsters Good Pets For Small Children?


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Let's face it. If you've ever owned a hamster you already know that they are "cute" but unfriendly. Grouchy, even.

Responsible pet shops in the UK advise that pet hamsters are only suitable for children age 8 and over.

Hamsters just aren't tolerant of rough handling, they do have a propensity to bite. They easily escape and can be hard to find having snuck off. They can't cope with falls. They are nocturnal whereas most children under 6 sleep long hours, mostly at night.

Better rodent pets for children under 8 years old are rats and guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are diurnal: awake when we are. They can take a lot of effort to socialise to being calm around people, but they almost never bite or scratch, and are large enough to take some slightly rough treatment. However guinea pigs cannot handle falls of more than about 4 inches.

Rats are naturally inquisitive, fairly tolerant, and can cope with being dropped. Although nocturnal in the wild, pet rats adjust to the family hours. A rat, if well socialised, likes people, can learn its name and will come when called. It can even be taught to do simple tricks. But rats have a risk of biting if handled roughly too often.

With rats or guinea pigs some supervision of children under 6 handling these animals is therefore still required.
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I got my cousin a hamster when he was about 4. I bought the little ball for it to roll around in the house so he could watch it and play with it. The thing bit me when I tried to touch it. So I can vouch they are the nicest animal. His parents ended up giving it to another family member who had a kid that was about 10. When my cousin got a little older they said he wanted another one.
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Maybe not for small children but a little older they are wonderful. Ive owned about 7 in my life and have loved them. You just need to be super careful about picking one out and not just go one looks. They also need good socializing but cannot be over handled until they are well adjusted. I have an 18 month old son and I probably wouldn't get him one til he was about 7.
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I agree that hamsters are good pets for small children.
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They sure are!  I'm a child and I'd love a hamster.  My parents won't get me one so I'm saving.
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They can be if you choose the right kind. I recommend the teddy bear hamster because they are not too small and not too fast.
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They are very good for 6 and up because I'm 9 and I have 5 hamsters and 8 dogs and 4 rats so I think I know what I'm say in
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I have a hamster Austin and hes cute and soft. He loves being picked up and you can hold him like a baby and he never bites. But my female was a biter. I recommend male hamsters if you get one. And it depends on the hamster too.
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Hamsters are kinda impatient and they tend to bite when in stress plus their cage gets dirty real fast and it's not a good idea to let a child get bitten and clean the cage poorly which can cause diseases to you and the pet. A good pet for children is probably a kid-friendly family dog
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Well actually hamsters are probally not the best animal for small children I had one when I was nine and it was my best bud. ONce they get use to you they stop nibbling and it doesnt hurt. I miss my hamsterr:(

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