What Is A Good Companion Dog For A Labrador?


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Labbys by nature are very compatible with other dogs but it does depend slightly on the nature of your dog. We have a 20mth old black labby who is VERY submissive by nature so introducing another dog to our household was not all that difficult (albeit there was a few teething problems). Just remember the nature of a labby, very bouncy, very energetic etc... A greyhound or other quiet dog isn't going to be the best companion.

Our 2nd dog is a border collie (still a puppy), which tend to have similar traits to our labby and they get on really well. Just always make sure YOU are the pack leader over your new & current dog, otherwise you will be in all sorts of problems.

And just another thing to consider, a dog & a bitch usually go better together that two dogs or 2 bitches. Our labby is a bitch and the collie is the dog, and as of yet, youch wood had no real problems (apart from the usuall puppy things - soust training etc..) :)

Hope this helps
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Logic suggests that they will be bred to get on well with other gundog breeds such as standard poodles, pointers, or water/cocker/springer spaniels.
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Tried to comment but ran out of room. :-). Just an add pretty much.  If the dog is meant to be primarily a companion you probably want to look for less field bred lines.  A line that excels and is bred towards characteristic's needed for working can be a little different  from a dog of same breed bred for show/companion (bench). Field bred lines can be a little harder for the average person wanting a pet and not a hunter/retriever due to what is needed to excel in that area. Look for breed's with that basis, but also that are commonly kept as companion's. Another lab might be good, Golden, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, you can look into whether you may be able to handle something like a weimariner, maybe an airedale in addition to those already mentioned.  You may want to hit up a local show and ask people (after they are done of course) as well.

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