My 8 Month Old Cat Is Crawling On The Floor On Her Stomach. She Will Let Us Hold Her And Rub Her Stomach But She Is Still Uncomfortable. She Is Having A Little Discharge When We Rub Her. Can Anyone Help?


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Take her to vet... Just to be sure...

Are you sure she's not in heat? All cat's are different. Take my 4 female cats... 3 are in heat right now... 1's fixed. The one that's fixed screamed and meowed us to death, had to fix. Cat A... Lays on her back and spreads legs wide open and puts them in the air almost in a circle and becomes a nice kitty. (quite funny and only time you can touch her) Cat B slides on her side everywhere then flips to other side and then slides everywhere and also puts behind up in the air.(and becomes very vocal). Cat C pees on everything left on the floor, our beds and newspapers and meows nonstop... She's going to vet ASAP to be fixed... I have seen mine in heat leave wet spots, after petting them to calm them. They do get a little excited at a simple rubbing behind the ears. Yours could simply be a lady in waiting mode, and her way to ease the tension and say I'm ready and come and get it mode.
My cat C went into heat earlier, because of the older cats going into heat. If 1 does, all do soon after, and its a nightmare... Yours is at age to be in a true full heat... And her way of coping. Since you didn't say what kind of discharge, clear, yellow, green or other I say take her to the vet to be safe.
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Thank you. After doing some further research, you are right, she is in heat. She is really nice too. Calling the vet in the morning! Thanks

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