My Dog Has Swollen Eyes And A Swollen Snout, Plus She Is Rubbing Her Face On Our Rugs What's Wrong?


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KR- myopinions answered
Sounds like she's having an allergic reaction to something. Call your vet preferably but give her some children's benedryl and if she begins to have problems breathing or any other symptoms go to your vet immediately. Give approx. 1 mg per pound and no more. You may want to wipe her down. If you think she got bit you should go and if she's rapidly swelling, she may need more than benedryl so go. Check her over so you can try to find a cause or think of what it could be.


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It sounds like an allergic reaction to something.
Another possibility is if the dog stays out it could have gotten bit by a snake. Look for bite marks. Look around the are where the dog has been and see if you can find anything that the dog could have gotten in to. Keep a close eye on the dog. If it gets worst I would take him to the vet.

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