My dog hurt her leg over a month ago, she is healed and the vet said everything looked great. But she no longer plays, or even walks unless I put a leash on her and make her, what's wrong? What can I do to help her?


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John McCann Profile
John McCann answered

Go easy, she is.

She will have to build up her confidence in the leg again, so have patience and do a little at a time. Your vet should have told you this. If she does not gradually come out of this then talk to the vet again.

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Jaden Lee answered

My pitbull Mena fractured her leg, a while ago, and it took her about a week to get her to play. But she's a PITBULL! They are play full dogs, high energy. Just give her time and try to get her to walk a lot. Take her to the dog park. But don't over work her too much. Just take little baby steps with her.

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