Why Does My Cat Like Me To Rub Her Stomach All The Time? Is She Pregnant Or Something?


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Hi Danielle93:
Most cats don't like their tummys rubbed. A cat's tummy is very vulnerable, and if cats get in a cat fight, they will protect their tummies! If a cat is serious and wants to fight to kill, it can use its back claws and cut open the other cat's tummy in a second. They are fast and vicious when fighting.
Your cat likes a tummy rub, simply because it feels good, and mainly because she is saying, "I totally trust you." That should make you feel good! It has nothing to do with being pregnant.
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My cats all roll over for me to rub their tummies, they trust you and that's a good thing!
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Most cats hate their stomach rubbed because they are scared that you may hurt them. Most of their organs are located there. When cats fight their stomach is a easy target and can kill the opposing cat with one hit from the cat's nails or teeth. That is one main reason why they don't like their stomach touched. Most people get bit because the cat is scared of getting hurt and doesn't have enough trust in the person petting the cat.

If your cat wants you to rub its stomach it's because of three different reasons.

One is because it feels good and because it relaxs the cat.

Two is because the cat is showing you that it can trust you.

The third reason may not be the reason for this, but may appile to this. The cat's stomach maybe upset. If the cat throws up or leaves hairballs everywhere then this will appile. By rubing its stomach the cat gets impulses to the brain and the pain impulse rs pick up your hand and then the pain goes away because it can not pick up both your hand and the pain the stomach.

This has nothing to do with your cat being pregnant. When a cat is pregnant you wouldn't be able to touch its stomach because it would be all swollen. If you touch the stomach of a pregnant cat you could feel the kittens moving and kicking. Also the cat would eat more and would sleep more too. If your cat isn't showing any of these signs then your cat is not pregnant. I hope this helps.
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My cat is usually a bit stand-offish and would rather come to you than be picked up by anyone but me. One of the first indications that she's pregnant is that she gets super affectionate and LOVES to have her tummy rubbed.

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