My Dog Is 60 Days Pregnant And Is Panting A Lot And Has A Temp Of 98.7 Which Has Been In The 98's All Day. She Is Also Urinating A Lot More. How Much Longer Does She Have?


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Hello there!! What a wonderful New Year's gift! Puppies!! The average gestation for Canines is 63 days but can range. The normal temperature for Canines is 100.5-102.5 and about 24 hours before Mommy is going to go into labor, her temperature will drop at least 2 degrees, so it sounds like she is going to be having babies soon!! Have you noticed her "nesting" or preparing a place to have the puppies? I had set up a welping box for Mommy to have her pups in, but Mommy had other ideas & decided to have them under a dest lol. Other signs that your girl may be going into labor in the near future may include Breast milk dropping into the nipples & her teats get swollen. The Vulva will become dilated & the abdomen will descend. At the beginning of labor you will see a clear fluid/discharge that will alert you to the fact that its about to start. When Mommy does have the babies, don't interfere. It is ok to be there with her, but even the nicest dogs can turn when it comes to protecting her young. Also, when she has the pups, it is best not to move them. She will only take them back to the starting point that she picked. You will notice her eating and drinking more to prepare for the babies. When she is going into the first stage of labor, she may start panting, refuse to eat, and she may be restless. When she goes into labor, you will want to keep a record of what time the pups are born. If more than 4 hours pass between pups, & you know that she is still in labor, there may be something wrong & you should contact your local Veterinarian or Emergency Vet's office. I hope that I have provided you with some useful information!! Please let me know how everything works out & how many girls & boys she has. You can leave a message in my shoutbox... Good luck with everything!!
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I think your dog will have her pups soon give it another 12 to 24 hours and keep a close eye on her good luck

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