My Dog Is 60 Days Pregnant And She Barely Eats And She Wont Take A Dump. What Are Some Physical Signs Of Her Going Into Labor And Can She Stop The Labor If She Dont Feel Right? Please Dont Tell Me To Take Her Temp I Dont Have A Thermometer.


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Hi there.  Well first of all, your dog is very close to the end of gestation and should be going into labor within about the next week or so.  Her unborn pups are pressing against her internal organs, including her tummy and intestines, and it's normal if she doesn't feel like eating much right now.  And if she's not eating much, she also isn't producing much waste to expel.

How long has your dog not had a bowel movement?  Is she trying to (straining) or just not attempting?  The colon can store several weeks worth of stool, so if it has only been a few days, there is not much cause to worry unless she seems in obvious pain.  Meanwhile, if she is straining, ensure she has plenty of water to drink and if you you want, you can mix 1/4 cup of bran into her regular dog food to encourage smooth sailing in that department.

Remember that the last week of pregnancy can be a bit uncomfortable for dogs as in humans and other animals, as those pups are taking up a lot of space.  It's somewhat natural not to have a large appetite or eat much just prior to labor and delivery.  Also to answer the other part of your question, no, the dog cannot spontaneously stop her labor once begun.  Make sure your dog has a safe, quiet, and somewhat private place to deliver her pups, and stay with her or check on her regularly during her labor.  Signs besides a drop of temperature include pacing, panting, seeking a private spot for labor.  Have the number of an emergency vet or your vet handy in case you notice trouble.  Many labors proceed just fine without much intervention or problems.
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She finally had a Bowell movement and the puppies are moving almost non stop inside of her is that a good sign of her possibly going into labor soon?

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