My Dog Is 55 Days Pregnant And Her Temperature Is 99.1 Degrees. Is This Normal?


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My dog is 55 days pregnant and her temperature has dropped. Is she in labor?

Reduction in rectal temperature below 100 degrees can be an indication of the start of labor - if other signs of labor like loss of appetite and restlessness, pacing and panting are also present.

Normally, pregnant dogs will experience a slight dip in temperature before the onset of the first stage of labor.
Dogs can give birth within 48 hours of the start of these signs.

As your dog is 55 days pregnant then it may not be due to labor, but it is possible.

If your dog is looking well then she is fine. However, if she looks in pain, or is experiencing this temperature drop without the other indications of the start of labor, then she may need to see a vet.

  • Dogs can give birth anything between fifty-six and seventy-two days after fertilisation, although the average is sixty-three.
  • The average litter consist of six puppies, but some larger breeds can give birth to up to twelve!

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