My Dachshund Dog Has Been Peeing A Lot, Really Lazy,is Eating And Drinking A Lot And Is Always Tipping Over Her Food Bowl And Tearing Her Newspaper And Hiding It. Is She Pregnant?


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Yeas she is keep a close eye on her pee an make sur she doesn't have blood in it if it does she is pregnant
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You need see your vet today if you can. They may be able to confirm a pregnancy but you need to go because it may also be your pup has a uterine infection that can be deadly often because the signs can be subtle until they are in immediate danger of dying without help and those that don't know to watch for it just think their dogs are pregnant or sometimes in season, but usually mistaken for pregnancy.
Increased thirst and urination is always a danger sign and can indicate things like infections, thyroid, diabetes, and liver and kidney trouble and should be looked into as soon as it is noticed if it is. The fact you are wondering if your dog is pregnant may mean you are seeing signs that actually indicate pyometra or possibly metritis and you want to have her checked out immediately. Confirmation of pregnancy is done about 3 to 4 weeks in by ultrasound (will show pups or fluid ect.) or quick blood test and is the first of our prenatal care but it also helps us catch it faster if it's the dreaded and deadly pyometra and not pups. See your vet quickly please.  ( 67 or 68 days, not 72)

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