How Can We Get A Proof Of Pure Labrador Puppy?


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Do you have your AKC registration papers or similar reputable registry for country that has tracked the lineage? Not a paper or pet registry which are considered to often mean the opposite. That's about the only way to have reasonable assurance you have a pure bred and someone wasn't up to something shady or just decided to say a dog was something for whatever reason.  If you already have your pup it is a little to late to be concerned about that if you weren't taking steps to look for a pure bred and responsible breeder in the first place and if you are looking you need to make sure your pup comes with AKC registration application (and that you see it) but need to still look into your breeder closely. Or you can always check petfinder and not worry about the papers or breeders. Here is the breed parent club. Good Luck to you.

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