I Need Information On Shih Tzu/ Chihuahua Mix Babies. How Big Will They Be, What Should I Expect?


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Puppies of this mix will be about the size of the average hand and will be similar to what you would expect them to look like. The puppies usually weigh in at about 2lb and will grow to between 5-7lb when fully grown.
The puppies are long haired but it will also be a possibility that they will be smooth. They generally act and look more like Chihuahuas than Shih Tzu pups. These puppies are not recommended for children as they are quite small and fragile in size and could be injured by a small inquisitive child who won't understand their size.
All of these breeds are pure bred 50/50. Some of them are bred through generations and can be more of one animal than the other through multigenerational breeding.
This mix is generally known as a ShiChi in dog breeding societies.
The dogs are lively and have a quite active temperament so do expect them to be a little bit lively.
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I got a shitz/chihuahua 50/50 mix, about 2 years old, I grew up with German Sheps, but this little dude is one of the best dogs I have ever own. He doesnt look like a regular mix, but looks like a chihuahua with shitz tzu hair that is real soft and furry, but his nose is more shitz tzu and has a huge heart. He sleeps next to my head on my pillow and cuddles with the family all the time, and says I love you when we come home. One of the greatest dogs Ive lived with and in the beginning didnt like small dogs, but he weighs about 14 to 16 lbs.
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I have a shichi and she is the sweetest dog ever! She is very clingy and has to be by my side all the time( shes on my lap right now as I'm typing lol). She is about 11lbs and 3 years old. My shichi looks most like a chihuahua with a square muzzle, which I think is much cuter than an actual chihuahua. Her hair is longer and kind of wiry.
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I wonder if this is a shih tzu thing -- my shichis are very needy and clingy!!! I have chihuahuas also and they are so independent.
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I have a jack russell chihuahua and he is 7 pds soaking wet. I would guess they would be no bigger then a shih tzu no smaller then a chihuahua. Witch really isent more then 15 pds I think. You could go on dogbreedinfo.com they have all kinds of hybrid and mix breed info I am sure that they have shih tzu/chihuahua mixes on there
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I just went to check it out and in the search i typed both breeds and it came back with the hybrid shi chi. Mine is a jack chi.... Check it out its cool
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It depends on the size of the shih Tzu and the size of the Chihuahua. You can assume though that their average size will probably be about halfway between the two parent dogs.
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I have a 4 month old Shichi male, he's cream colored , blue eyed, he's got a pink nose and mouth,  people say he looks like a baby pig .  He is very loving when he wants to be but likes to bite you in a flash LOL,  He weights 4lbs.
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I have 2 shi chi mixed dogs.
They are the cutest thing ever!!
My baby boy is 7 months old and 9lbs soft fur and looks more like chihuahua but his ears are still down yayy!!
My baby girl is  7 months to 2 years (the vet said) I adopt her from the animal shelter
and her old owner didint know her age or b-day..
She is 12lbs!!
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I have a ShiChi and he is currently 7 years old. The smartest dog i have ever owned. He understands almost everything you say to him.. He was so easily trained and is the best cuddle buddy ever. He knows from right to wrong and knows when he will be in trouble. He also has some of the best senses. As he is getting older, i worry a lot about him. I know that i probably will not ever find such a smart dog again. Its so rare to find an extremely intelligent dog like him. Who is also absolutely the most stunning dog to look at. I am one lucky owner.

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I have a ShiChi. I've had a lot of dog's in my life, but I will have to say, this is the sweetest, lovable, most playful and smartest puppy I have ever had. She is  a tri-color. Brown/White, weight 9 lbs, long soft fuzzy hair and is 3 years old. Her name is Abbigayle. She lets me know when she's hungry, she shakes hands, she dances, loves to play with her toys and loves have close contact with people she

knows, but if she doesn't know you, stand back and take it easily until she gets to know you, then look out, she'll be all over you with love and attention. The picture taken when she was 1 year old.

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My doggie is 3/4 shih tzu, 1/4 chihuahua and is 14 pounds (he is 10 months old).  He mainly has traits of the shih tzu.
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I would say it would depend on if they have more shihtzu or chihauhau  in them.  No more than 10 pounds, but they probably will be smaller than that when they are full grown.  Sounds like an interesting mix!
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The mom is shih tzu about 5 lbs. And the dad is a long hair chihuahua about 5 lbs. I was just wondering about how big the babies will be when there born. And if anyone else has had this mix.
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I have two female shih tzu/chihuahuas that are about a year old. They are littermates. One is about 12 pounds with a soft, smooth fawn coat and curly hair around her ears, long body, shih tzu underbite. The other is about 8 or 9 pounds, smaller in size and body, underbite but not as severe as the other one, bigger eyes, and crazy black hair. They both shed. They are alot of fun, supercute, so friendly, and great companions.
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Anywhere from the smallest of a Chihuahua to the bigger of the Shih-tzu. There isn't the same predictability with mixes as there are with pure breds since they don't have the same set genetics. The set genetics, which take a very long time of selective breeding to produce, leading to consistently predictable results, is a big part of what makes a pure bred a pure bred. It's also a part of the reason that pure bred's are more easily studied and tracked (such as health concerns)than a general mixed pup.
A pure bred has hundreds to thousands of years of selective breeding for certain traits that sets those genetics and leads to predictable results and traits and characteristics (size, coat, colors, shape, personality traits, drives ect.).
Mixes can take any of the characteristics or traits from the breeds involved in the mix and even litter mates can be completely different in just about every way.
With these breeds being very different from each other the possible results are going to vary a lot. They have different sizes and one is bigger and one is smaller, shapes and forms with different body types and facial structure ect. They have different coat types, one is considered non- shedding and the other is shedding and either long or smooth coat and even then the long coat Chihuahua has a different coat from the Shih-tzu. There are lots of differences just as far as how both the breeds look. 
So, any of the pups could take any of the traits and any mixture of traits from either breed and there is no predicting who ends up with what traits or ends up somewhere in between both or just something you wouldn't expect from either breed.
You might try checking out the pictures on Pet-finder for same and similar mixes and any that may resemble your pup a little more. There are usually tons on there. I've also put both the US breed parent clubs to learn a little more about the individual breeds and the possibilities and some other information.
Have fun with your pup.
http://www.petfinder.com/index.html q4267050.html#a3103682
http://www.chihuahuaclubofamerica.com/ http://www.americanshihtzuclub.org/
http://home.comcast.net/~NoPuppyMillsVA/Poo-dogs___Designer_Mutts/Genetics_and_Hybrid_Vigor/genetics_and_hybrid_vigor.html http://www.canismajor.com/dog/poodogs.html
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Why would anyone want to cross-breed,unless your name is Frankenstein. Maintain the special characteristics of each breed and DO NOT EXPERIMENT. Consult only with people who KNOW not just anyone who happens to read your blog

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