My Great Dane has a rash that seems to be moving through his system from his back to his chest, which he keeps licking. He also has an extremely swollen snout and i have no idea what it could be. Is there a remedy for this and is it serious?


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Any  rash  that  travels  could  be something  serious  to look  into , He  could  canine  onset  Steven  Johnson Syndrome  But  never  heard  of  it  in dogs  But  sure  sounds  like  something that  needs  attended  to
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Stephanie Dougherty
Thank u for the advice i have no idea what it could be but i've been looking online and it could be a many numbers of things so far so i need all the advice i can get.
Stephanie Dougherty
He also seems to be drooling alot but i think it's because he keeps trying to lick his chest, he doesn't seem to be eating because of his swollen snout but it was extremely large one day then it was fine the next, and now it's going back to the swelling again. He has alot of symptoms and i can't pinpoint what is could be i ruled out the Steven Johnson Syndrome because his rash was not as bad as the pictures i saw from that particular case.

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