Is It Ok To Keep Two Dwarf Hamsters Together?


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It's actually not good to keep two robos together. Most of them are not very social. For a pair, I recommended a winter white or a campbell.
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That's ok. They need to be to gather,, they're good for one another..why Did you ask this ..anyway there's nothing wrong with the two of them being To gather... They will do good together.Take care.
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Yes it's ok but remember hamsters are not meant to be together so if they fight you need to remove them immediately from each other. Take care:D
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Yes it is recommend to keep these together. Just be careful check the sex of them. They reproduce very quickly.
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It is not ok for you two robos together they will fight when they get older whether they are bro or sis they will get jealous of each other and they will kill each other it happened to me before if you do go to a pet store they will tell you it is n-o-t ok
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Ok just stop fighting. I have a hamster handbook. It says you can put two hamsters the same sex in the same cage but once they get older they may fight! So no ones Ronge here! There you have it and Vir1998 i have experience too. So you can't just go around telling people they don't have experience because maybe they do, who really cares if they do or don't! Ok?
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Hey person that's a guest that answered it's actually not good to put two robo dwarf hamsters together and they aren't active and social then your an idiot they are very active and social. Millieskate go ahead and put your hamsters together you could even put the opposites genders together if you don't want to believe me then go down to ether petsmart or petco they will tell you the same thing as I did trust me I know this kind of stuff. :3
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You shouldnt put dwarf hamsters together because when they hit maturity they will fight
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Well i have 2 dwarf hamsters and there fine they even cuddle when they go to bed ;D
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Probably as long as you have 2 opposite sexes and you watch for fighting when they are older. I got 2 russians and kept them together and came home to find a litter of premature hamster babies :( turns out 1 was a girl!

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