Do shihtzu's eyes really pop out when they start to go blind?


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It’s not like an automatic thing or anything. There are other circumstances involved. They also don't have to be blind and it doesn't apply to all dogs and situations or only Shih-tzu's.
They tend to have more shallow sockets due to their structure. They may also have weaker eye muscles and some have very weak eye muscle so may be a little more likely to pop out sometimes in even minor circumstances. In those cases, the eye may be put back in if there is no damage and they get to the vet quickly enough or with considerable damage or as result of an actual trauma (like a dog fight), may need to be removed.
In the case of something like a scratch, puncture or injury if they don't see the vet initially, it is common for an infection to occurr. As the infection builds inside or behind the eye it can lead to the eye having to be removed or popping out from the pressure of the infection behind the eye. Infection can build inside the eye as well. Breeds with more prominent eyes, like the shih-tzu are a little more prone to injury to the eye.
Most of the time in that situation if the vet is seen in a timely manner they will do a stain and check on the extent of the damage and then they need some appropriate antibiotic cream or drops, a few may need a cone if they are at risk of causing more damage but most don't, and the vet will monitor that it's healing correctly. Even a smaller blue/grey spot may dissapear over time in the case of a small injury.
Basically, it's not so much being blind or anything that leads to an eye popping out in most cases, it's delaying diagnosis and treatment. People mistake the blue/grey spot and think it just means their dog is going blind and don't see the vet in time, or they mistake something like glaucoma for a simple eye infection and think it will go away or they can take care of it on their own (which may result in more than just the loss of an eye), sometimes there is a tumor that may also cause pressure behind the eye.
Any changes in the eye should be seen sooner rather than later. If they eye just seems barely irritated if it does not go away in a day or two the vet should be seen. If a new coloration or spot suddenly appears a vet should be seen. If the eye seems infected or is obviously irritating and/or painful or swollen a vet should be seen.
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Start to go blind? Your dog's blind? Anyway, your pup could be a victim of Cherry Eyes. Her eyes could pop out of her head if you hold her too tight. Hold your dog lightly and if her eyes pop out put them in water and get to the vet with the eyes ASAP.

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