How much benadryl for a 12lb shih tzu?


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Do NOT give Benadryl to a Shih Tzu, try some ayurvedic or herbal formula based cough syrup.
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You would have to call your vet and ask first before you ever give anything. If it will be helpful and is okay they will usually give you the right dosage for yoru pup and the situation over the phone and monitor for necessary changes as needed.
There may be something about your pup that needs a different dosage or means they should not be given that. Benadryl poisoning is very common so just call your vet. Medication is the number one cause of poisoning in our pets and is very often given to them intentially by well meaning owners that just didn't know what they were doing so did the wrong thing and the wrong dosage. Never give anything without talking to your vet first.
For example, my 11 pound dogs and under are likely to end up poisoned by the recommended dosage in the other answer if I just gave them a pill without talking to their vet. It's individual and takes a great deal of time and knowledge to figure proper dosages for an individual animal much less knowing whether whatever we give is helpful or will be harmful.

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