Does A Penis On A Shih Tzu Look Much Like A Hernia?


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A penis should be located closer to the back of the abdomen closer to the tail/anus.  There should an opening at the tip of the prepuce (skin surrounding the penis) and you should be able to extrude the penis from the prepuce.  You can also watch when your dog urinates to see where the urine is coming from.  The vulva is located just below the anus--it is an opening that has vulvar folds.  An umbilical hernia is located closer to the end of the rib cage near the belly buttom.  It feels soft and squishy; it may be reducible--this means you can push the fat contents back into the abdomen.
If you are still uncertain have your veterinarian examine the dog to determine the sex and assess the hernia.  Umbilical hernias are repaired at the time of spay or neuter.

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