Can Dogs Take Benadryl?


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Dogs are allowed to take Benadryl as long as it is in small doses. It can be used for allergies, hay fever, motion sickness and insomnia, and also bee and hornet stings. The only measurements of Benadryl that you should give should be 1 mg of the medicine for every lb of the dog every eight hours. So if your dog was 25 lb, then you would make sure that the medicine was 25 mg and no more.

If you go to the vets, they will tell you that you can give you dog a small dose of the medicine as long as you make sure it’s not too much, and that is isn’t administered too many times a day. Benadryl will be able to help your dog overcome any bee stings that it may accidently get, any allergies that it may have and any motion sickness that it may suffer from.

We all love our pets and want to make sure that there are happy and healthy, so giving your dog Benadryl as long as it is a safe measurement, will ensure your pets’ wellbeing and happiness. As you can give the medicine to your pet yourself as opposed to the vet doing it, you will need to be sure that the amount you are giving is safe and that you don’t give it too often. It is likely that the effects of the medicine will not take effect immediately, so don’t get too ahead of yourself by giving too much as this could cause more harm than good.
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My vet actually gave me an entire chart of antihistamines found otc for humans that can be used in dogs. In most cases you aren't using enough, he said. The brackets on the chart show dogs can have 2-4 mg /kg of weight (so you might have to figure that out). For other antihistamines like zyrtec and claritin (loratadine) the dosages are divided in dogs 15 lbs and under and 15 lbs and over....but the 15 lbs and over are the same as human adult dosages. I was surprised, because I have a 21 lb pug - and he gets an adult dosage of any of those medications (my vet actually said most recommended is zyrtec) they all have different inhibitors. Interesting stuff, I was surprised!
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After just phoning my vet today...I gave my little 14lb dog a 25mg Benadryl tablet. (they said that they gave dogs smaller than mine the same dosage)Make sure it's just regular Benadryl with the only ACTIVE ingredient being diphenhydramine. I was told that I could give my poor little pooch one of these every 8 hours. My dog is in really bad shape in the raw and scratches and bites herself till she bleeding. Within half an hour her redness went. She is still scratching but 99 % better than she was. Wonderful stuff, I give her heartworm tablets, flea tablets and Benadryl is ok with these. Here's hoping that she will get through this summer better than last! But PLEASE before you give your dog your vet first. Oh...and just another tip...she was so bad last night I smoothered her in aloe vere spray gel..that really helped too.
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Can you give a dog liquid gel capsules of Benadryl and how long before it gets into their system?
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I have had my dog on benadryl for 16 years now...  Originally she was prescribed prozac for her anxiety...after speaking with a different vet, and many test for all of her allergies, the vet had me take her off prozac and put her on works like a charm for both , the anxiety and the allergies!

I also had to take her off of all meat products and feel her only dog food with lamb and rice...
Hope it works for your baby too....I used the benadryl tabs and if she became too drowsy I would break the pill in half for her...
Good luck!
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I have only a 25mg benadryl pill and my toy poodle is itching so bad from flea bites which I think she is allergic. Can I give her Benadryl? OTC?
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Yes dogs can be given Benadryl.  The dose is 1 milligram per pound of body weight given orally every 8-12 hours.  Do NOT use the Cold and Sinus variety only plain Benadryl is safe. 
Treatment of allergies is multi-modal and it is unlikely Benadryl alone will control your dog's allergies.  Work with your veterinarian to develop a plan to control your dog's allergies.
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Yep. We give it to our dog and our vet has recommened it. And my grandmas a nurse. It's perfectly fine.
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My 4 month old pitbull has a knot on his ear. It is clearly filled with fluid and I am not sure if it is a bug bite or what. I thought I would give him a benadryl because this is what I would do for one of my children if they had a swollen bug bite. Is this a realistic remedy for the dog?
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My dog is diabetic he has allergies he weights about 16 lbs.
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Did you check with your vet first. Yes, you can give benadryl. I give my dog the tablet not the capsule. The tablet you can cut in half. I would try that first if you checked with your vet. Yorkies are really small and that maybe even too much for it.
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Yes human benadryl is OK for dogs, My Vet has recommended it many times BUT it does matter what you are using it for. If your pet is itching you may give it but do not use it willie-nillie.
I currently have 7 dogs and they all at one time or another have been given benadryl.
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Yes according to your dogs weight, give 1mg per pound of body weight, so for example if your dog weighs 25lbs then give one 25mg tablet ever four to six hours.
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My dog is chewing his paws and shaking his head?  Should I start him on Benadryl at this time?How long would you think he should be on Benadryl?  He is a 16 pound Rat Terrier.

Thank you.
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My 5 pound yorkie is diagnosed with allergies and I was told I could give him Benadryl. I can't figure out how much a 5 pound yorkie would be given
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You should consult your vet for dosage, to make sure it fits the problem and in case there's anything in your dog's specific medical history that could mean it's a problem for them or could be a danger to them. A phone call is free.
The most effective way to help curb allergies and cut back on the Children's Benadryl and antibiotics since they often help the symptoms but do nothing for the allergies themselves as the cause still exists (and then may only need to be used if it's from something like weather or actual infections not caused by allergies) is to feed a high quality food. Your dog is much better off on a 5 or 6 star food (check the analysis page) than anything else. The lower the rating the higher the vet bills usually and some would go below 1 if they could (and which ones they are might surprise you). :-) Most dogs are horribly allergic to the things in most commercial foods like chemicals (things like ethoxyquin), preservatives, fillers (makes them feel full but they don't really get the nutrition out of it and therefore need to eat more and you know what means, more p**, and some other things you should probably know about which is just plain horrifying) and corn.
Diet is a major factor in the health of your dog and has many benefits to us as well as them. Not many people are aware how allergic their dogs are to their FOOD. Fewer vet bills (and you save plenty on the ear infections and skin problems and other allergy signs for sure), they are much healthier, they actually LOOK better (there is a definant difference in the appearance and coat of a dog on a high quality diet), less shedding, fewer stools, longer life, and peace of mind are a few of the benefits of feeding a higher quality food. Some of the most well known names that people THINK are quality (thanks to all the advertising) can be some of the worst for your pet. No matter what a quality diet always helps (we checked but haven't had to worry about a recall yet either).
It is not a quick fix and works from the inside out so usually by the end of the switch (slowly anytime but higher quality foods are usually a little richer unless for particular problems or sensitive stomach since they actually contain food and all) to a medium size to large bag of food is when you really see a difference. Take a before and after picture :-). I feed Innova. Here's a great site with information, reviews, and ratings of many foods so you can find one you like that may be near you and some basic information on commercial foods that you might not know and may very well surprise (who) and even horrify you. Reading the reviews on the analysis page can also explain a lot.

You can also make sure your groomer is using a high quality, ALL NATURAL (not like Harts or anything) oatmeal shampoo when visiting as it can help relieve and prevent (from the dyes and perfumes in shampoos) any itching a little (and of course that they rinse well). And no perfume :-). Tip on groomer's- find one that does not use or preferably own cage dryers. They are not safe and your animal looks MUCH better when dried by hand (even if it is a little scarier at first) and it gets more of the undercoat out so less matting and shedding for a shedding breed and helps with minor matting and fluffs them up better before haircuts if a non shedding (or shedding) breed. They also get more personal attention since it's done by hand and they aren't sitting in an unsafe cage dryer. All around much better. A groomer who does not own a cage dryer is usually much more 'into' the animals and their health and safety :-).
Hope your pup is feeling better soon!
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Never give an animal, a medicine intended for human use UNLESS  under a vets supervision and approval. Vets are the ones who will correctly tell you the dose to give a pet without harming them.
It's very common for dogs to chew their feet by the way.  But in case it's due to an allergy e.g. From walking in a garden plant that causes an itch, it would be best to consult a vet first in case it's just a cream you need, (or removal of a plant from the garden!)
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My 3 month old maltese was couging sneezin n bring up phlem had runny n stuffy nose I started him on 3.5mg children benadryl Q8hrs nothin happened after a week. I brought it up to 6mg within 2days he showed improvement. A week in a half later he back to normal. I gave him children benedryl 6mg Q8hrs the dissolve tablet
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Yes, with dosage according to weight, Benadryl is prescribed as a light tranquilizer and can relieve skin irritation.
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Is benadryl effective for my maltese ?because her ears have a skin break and I don't know where it comes from...please I need your answer bec. I'm worry..
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I have a 4 lb. Chihuahua and he will be 17 years old this July -- he has been sneezing a lot can he take Benadryl.. And if so how much or how do I give it to him...

Thank You,
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Well duh of course its not because it is like for humans and will not be good for cute little or fat doggies!
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They absolutely can not it would be dog abuse
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Wrong. It is one of the few, perfectly safe, human OTC drugs useful for treating dogs. 1mg per lb is the safe dose. But, you should never give the medication long-term, if your dog has other health conditions or if they are taking any other medication without consulting your vet.

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