Has Anyone Had Their Dog On Temaril-P For Allergies?


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If you are worried that your dog will be safe taking Temaril-P to eliminate side effects to allergies such as coughing, excessive itching and discomfort or inflammatory problems, seeking the advice of a vet is an excellent idea. They will be able to give you advice on the benefits of this pet medication, which needs to be given twice daily to your dog orally. In addition, they will also be able to notify you of any potential reactions that your pet might have to the drugs over time.

The drug has gone through extensive testing, and in the US has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (or the FDA for short). If you are going to provide your dog with these drugs, you will need to purchase Temaril-P in quantities of 100 and 1,000 from specialist suppliers. The dosage that you will need to administer is dependent on the weight of your dog. Whereas smaller canines will only require half a tablet (Temaril-P is easily divided in half due to the pill’s design), larger dogs may require a higher dosage for the full advantages of this drug to be realised.

For dogs of 10 lb and under, half a tablet is required twice a day for the first four days of treatment. After this, dosage is usually halved once a build up of the drug is established in the dog’s system. This dosage is scaled up accordingly, and canines that weigh more than 40 lb may require four tablets for the first 96 hours of treatment.

You should always receive professional help from a vet before giving your dog Temaril-P. They will be able to answer your questions, and provide precise instructions on how many tablets your dog requires. In addition, your animal will also benefit from a check up to double-check progress once they are well into the recommended course of treatment.
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I have a 8yrs old boxer who 3 months ago was put on Temaril P for excessive scratching. Dosage 2 pills twice a day per vet and manufacturer recommendations for her weight size (60+ pounds). A few months prior she had started scratch her face and ears so bad that it was constantly covered with scabs. On our first trip to the vet we were told that she did not have an ear infection or yeast infection and were told to keep an eye on it. Finally she busted a blood vessel in her ear from scratching and it swelled up with blood like a ravioli. After surgery she was prescribed Temaril P. She immediately stopped scratching but she has displayed other side effects. She constantly acts as if she is starving and thirsty. I give her no more food than before but do fill up the water bowl 3x as much and of course have to take her out to pee 4x as much. Other than going out to pee she does not like to go outside anymore. I have to drag her to the dog park, she no longer gets excited, doesn't play with other dogs and she wants to leave as soon as we get there. Before the meds she was 60 pounds, now she at 68 pounds and oh boy does she look like a bloated hot dog. The worst of everything is the farting. I'm not kidding here, believe me I wish I was. She farts every 5 to 10 mins, sometimes even more and its bad. Blow you outta the room bad. My whole house smells like a sewer dump of toxic nastiness. Before the meds she occasionally farted, as in once a day but this is terrible. As I'm typing this she has farted 3x and I type fast. Back to the vet we go!!!
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I noticed this was asked years ago but there are several of us that were interested and I found it helpful to hear of others issues with this drug.  My 10 yr cattle dog has been on it for 2 years for the itching allergy problem also.  Same things like increased thirst and hunger, pot belly all  seem to be the norm.  Elevated liver enzymes also....mimicking cushings disease.  I too prefer to have him and I in a better comfort zone at the sacrifice of maybe a shorter lifespan.  I only give him one a day and maybe an extra at night if there is a flare up.  He is 56 lbs. Good luck to all and I wish there was a safer alternative...
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I have noticed that while my 12 yr old mix hound weighing 92 pounds has been on this medicine, his cyst which he had on the side of his face more like a fatty tumor has disappeared!!  I have also noticed other tumors decrease in size!  What does this mean  could this be a miracle med
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I have had my 9lb Toy Rat Terrier on Temaril-P for over 2 years.  I tried all the antihistamines that are used for dogs and nothing helped his continual itching.  He has been to many vets, regular vets, an allergist and holistic vets.  He was tested by the allergist and is very allergic to dust and storage mites.  I gave him allergen injections for a year, while also using 1/4th tablet of Temaril-P.  The injections did not work for him.  He is still on Temaril-P and like many others I don't like to give it to him but it is the only thing I have found to give him some peace from itching and scratching.  Occasionally he has a tummy ache and I rub his tummy at 3AM or whenever it happens.  I don't know if this is related to T-P or not.  I worry about side effects over long usage.  He is about 3 1/2 years old now and I think I will have to up his dose as he is beginning to itch on the 1/4 tablet after dinner.  Sorry to hear of so many dogs with allergies.

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