The Top Of My Dog's Head Is Warm. Does That Mean She Has A Fever? If So, What Can I Give Her?


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No, usually when a dog’s head feels warm it does not necessarily mean there is an illness. With regards to a dog suffering from a fever, the symptoms are not easily recognised. The main indicator is obviously a high temperature; however the most common outer sign will be lethargy, which will prevent your dog from having the desire to drink, eat or play. If you believe that your dog has a fever then there are ways to treat it.

The most important thing you need to do is to take your dog’s temperature. Now this can sometimes prove difficult because depending on the behaviour of your dog, he or she may struggle when you try to do this. If this becomes the case then you should enlist the help of another person to keep your dog still and prevent them from biting. Make sure you lubricate the tip of the thermometer with an oil or jelly and if you’re using a mercury thermometer you’ll have to shake it down before inserting, but if you’re using an electronic thermometer, it should be ready.

Gently insert the thermometer inside your dog’s rectum but make sure you don’t push too far because you may cause an injury. Leave the thermometer in there for three to four minutes if using a mercury thermometer, however if using a digital one you should wait until you hear the beep. Once removed you should wipe clean with a baby wipe or a dry tissue and record the temperature displayed. If the temperature reads under 104 degrees then you should keep your dog cool and hydrated, however if it is over 104 then you need to take them to a vet. When finished with the thermometer, you should wipe it down with an alcohol pad or germicide wipe.
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Yes. A dog's normal body temperature is 101 Degrees F or 38 Degrees C. Since this is much higher than a human's normal temperature, the dog will always feel warm to the touch, and never cold.

Dogs are warm blooded animals, and their body temperatures are maintained at a moderate and constant level irrespective of the temperature of the environment. When their body temperature is too low, their hypothalamus triggers the shiver response and when the temperature is too high, their sweat glands are stimulated and allow the heat to escape from the body. They are insulated against heat or cold by their fut. Since they don't have sweat glands, they have to release heat by panting.  

A healthy dog is vibrant, alert and enthusiastic. If your dog is listless, then it is probably sick and needs to be taken to the vet.

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Warm or hot head is nothing to do with any illness in dogs. It can be due to hot weather conditions. It does not indicate fever. There are many misconception about the dogs nose as well. Cold/moist nose in dogs is not a symbol of health. Many dogs can be sick even with moist and cold noses and many dogs can be healthy with warm and dry noses. Dogs usually have dry nose after waking up in the morning. Some dogs like Bulldogs have comparatively dry nose.
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Dogs don't get hot heads when they are sick, they get warm noses and they nose will be dry too. If you are terribly worried, then you should take the pup to the vet. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the pup.
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Today I got a new dog and his ears and body feel warm to the touch  is that normal?

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