My Dog Has Valley Fever, We Gave Her, Itraconazole, It Makes Her Very Sick, She Has Had Valley Fever For Three Years, Is There Anything I Can Give My Dog?


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I need to know what you mean by "We gave her"? Are you a vet or some vet gave this medications to your dog? In the first place who diagnosed your dog with "Valley Fever" or Coccidioidomycosis? If you diagnosed him your self and treated than this is highly unethical and unlawful. The drug you gave to your dog is antifungal medicine. It requires lot of care while prescribing these drugs to patients, because there are so many adverse effects of these drugs. The best favor you can give to your dog is to STOP the treatment you are doing. Go to veterinarian and tell him the truth that what medicine you gave and what was the dose and frequency. Now your dogs has to be seen for two problems, one the original disease and second due to the treatment you gave. Be brave and help your dog.
Come back soon and let me know.

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