Dog Having Trouble Walking On Back Paws Seemed A Ill Worse Today Stomach Seems Swollen Shes Very Thirsty And Very Tired Any Ideas She Wants 2 Eat Twice As Much 2, What Should I Do?


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My 17 year old Border Collie showed the same issues about 4 years ago and was diagnosed with Cushings shortens the tendons in their legs....sometimes the skin is affected and they drink a ton of water .....the can definitely treat it but my dog was already 12 at the time..... so we just made sure to watch her and she lived 5 more happy years....bouncing like a bunny but still chasing squirrels....if it is caught early enough the better! Good luck to you and your pup....and I agree go to you ER vet....or say its an emergency....because it can be something a lot more grave....
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You have not pointed out age and breed of your dog. Some breeds of dogs like Labrador retriever are more prone to develop hip dysplasia. Walking difficulties in dogs can be due to aging that can cause
  1. Muscle weakness
  2. Reduced joint s flexibility
  3. Reduced neurological control on limbs.
Arthritis in old dogs is another cause that can hamper walking. Following other condition also cause walking problems in dogs.
  1. Ticks disease
  2. Musculoskeletal problems
  3. Disc dislocation
  4. Disc degeneration
  5. panosteitis
  6. Cartilage damage
  7. Osteomyelitis
  8. Spondylosis
  9. Patellar luxation
In my opinion, you should take your dog to vet who can ask for  for MRI, myelography, x-ray etc for differential diagnosis.
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There is only ONE ANSWER. Get her to the Vet ASAP!  Something may be terribly wrong.
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Dog having trouble going up stairs all of a sudden.  All else is normal
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She might be pregnant or just is getting nothin down or needs a vet I now I have a one eyed boxer and a cur thats always pregnant lol
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Hi! You do really need to get your pup to the vet.... I had a 16 yo Border Collie that was in great health until about 4 years ago.....she one day couldn't stand up or walk - so I brought her to the vet and found out she had Cushings shortens the tendons in their legs....and the drink a ton more water and had the distended belly ...because she was so old already ot was hard but my vet knows how much I loved her and said - well if you have to make sure she can we used a makeshift sling and few days later she was hopping around (like a bunny) and was like that until May of this year......I couldn't do all of the treatments for Cushings because she was so old and they were afraid that might hurt more than help as long as her quality of life was still there....she was a GREAT dog! Hope it goes well for you and your pup!
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Ok, your dog REALLY needs a vet. Phone them, say its an emergency, go to a vet out of town if you have to. Your dog sounds really ill. Hope he/she get sbetter xx

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