My Dog Has Bad Breath, It Smells Like Fish, It Just Started Yesterday, Could It Be Her Food?


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  • Take your dog to the vet

To find out why your dog's breath smells like fish, it is best to take them to the vets immediately to establish whether there is any kind of serious problem that is causing this. It is usual for dogs to have bad breath every now and again but if you dog's breath smells extremely strongly of fish and your dog has not eaten any fish then it is a good idea to get them checked out.

  • Why does my dog's breath smells like fish?

Some of the possibilities as to why your dog's breath smells like fish is that they have some kind of infection in the mouth or throat area. Your vet will check for teeth that are broken and infected or abscesses around the area. You dog may have eaten something sharp that has cut the inside of the mouth or throat and become infected.

It is also possible that your dog has a nasal infection and this could be causing the smell. You should observe your dog as closely as possible so that you can report any unusual behavior to your vet who can then decide if there is something wrong with your pet. You should particularly keep an eye out for sneezing and coughing and if they cough up anything unusual.

  • How to keep your dog's mouth clean

If your vet gives your dog a clean bill of health you should try giving your dog the type of treats that clean their teeth while they chew them. Bad breath is often caused by plac in your dog's mouth and these treats not only keep them entertained but also clean their teeth and avoid tartar build up which leads to rotten teeth and bad breath.
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It sounds like it is a smell from his/her anal glands. When these get over-full they smell like horrible, rotten fish. It is enough to fill the room! If you find it happens often then you may need to take the dog to a vet or a local grooming parlour and get them to empty the anal glands. It is a yukky job and I don't recommend trying it yourself :P
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It can also be an internal problem like liver or kidneys.
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My dog's breath smells like fish. She only eats dry organic dog food and sometimes a little wet organic food. Her teeth are clean and she acts like she feels fine. What is it?
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It's probably just her food yes. My dog's breath smells too. If it REALLY bothers you try brushing his teeth with toothpaste. Or get it to drink a refreshing still drink like maybe orange juice or something YOU like the smell of! But NO ALCHOL OR FIZZY DRINKS! They could be extremely bad for him/her.

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