What Do You Do If Your Dog Eats A Toad?


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The venom of a toad can be highly toxic to animals and can even cause death so it is vital that you get your dog to a vet as soon as possible if it eats a toad. The two most common poisonous toads found in the United States are the Colorado River Toad and the Giant Toad, also called the Marine Toad. The first one can be found near large streams from Arizona to Southern California and into Mexico; the second one can be found in South Texas and Florida.

It is possible for a dog to be poisoned by a toad even if it hasn't had any direct contact with a toad; for example if your dog's water dish is outside and the toad has been attracted to it, it can leave enough toxins for the dog to become ill.

The symptoms that will indicate that your dog has been poisoned by a toad include having an irregular heartbeat, and behaving strangely as if he is having a hallucination. He could also have some mouth irritation and look like he is frothing at the mouth; there could be some depression; weakness; difficulty breathing; collapse; seizures; fever; vomiting and diarrhea.

If your dog has any of these symptoms, flush his mouth out with water (but don't use a hose - you may get the water in his lungs and drown him) and get him to the vet immediately. The vet may give your dog some cardiac drugs to try and restore the heart to normal, and they may also have to sedate your dog if he is scared or upset. Cool baths may be recommended if your dog has a temperature, and he will probably have to stay in the veterinary hospital so he can be monitored.
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Toads certainly leave a bad taste in the dog's mouth. It can in most circumstances, make them slobber and salivate. You have to especially keep your dog off the tropical toad called Bujo marinus. This toad is known to unleash a toxin that can stop the blood circulation and poison the heart, killing them in a matter of ten minutes or so. To be on the safe side, when the dog eats a toad and shows signs of sickness, induce it to vomit. Put a garden hose in its mouth and provoke it to vomit. Take your toad to the vet who may even administer artificial respiration and gives medicines to cure the condition.
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My dog has eaten a toad and has been sick now for about an hour what do you recommend
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Well I would call a vet or go online buy typing in on google : Contact a vet online

Hope this helps

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