Does My Cat Feel Threatened If She Is Trying To Hide Her Kittens Away?


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Yes when mother cat move the kitten they do feel threatened. I always put my cats when they had kittens in a small room with the door closed with food and water and a litter box.
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I moved my kittens in a large box with the mother and i guess she didnt feel safe with them out in the open because she moved them to under my bed and they r still there.we had them for two weeks but there stary cats. The mother is use to us now but she still feels threatend and it been 3 days they have been in the hows> Does she still feel threatend in my room??
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If is was me i would get the kitten out from under the bed kiten can turn wild in a short period of time no matter if the mother cat is tame.
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Sounds like she is definitely feeling unsafe.   If at all possible, give her some space of her own (if you don't have a spare room, the bottom of a bedroom cupboard can work wonders).   Quiet and semi-dark (door of cupboard ajar so Mum can get in and out), is what she and the kittens need.   Let her be as much as possible, and when you do pop in to make sure everything is ok, only stay a few minutes at a time to start with, until she feels more comfortable with having you around. Depending on the age of the kittens, it's best not to let people from outside your home/family, to visit as this could unsettle her also.
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Yes,your Cat Feel Threatened If She Is Trying To Hide Her Kittens Away.You had better far away from it.

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