My 3 Year Old Cat Recently Started To Just Hide Under A Bed And Won't Come Out To Play, Why?


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There can be many causes like Allergy, Infection, Trauma, Inflammation Parasites, Cancer of colon or rectum area, Foreign material in colon or rectum, Disease of the anal sacs, Constipation / stool buildup causes lower bowel damage, stool and matted hair block the exit of the bowels or the anus and tissues may lose blood secondary to infection and pressure on tissues. But, still every thing depends on the color of the blood or it is fresh blood or not. Take your cat to pet for a thorough examination. Check if it is constipation. Change its diet to fluid intake.
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My wife's cat did this and it was seriously ill. I think they go off to die sometimes like this. I would take it to the vet.
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It could be it's not feeling well or possibly in pain, I recommend a vet visit. Also, I had a person coming over to my house and my cat acted differently and I found out he was abusing it when I was not around, he got kicked out of our lives and now she is a very loving cat.
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She's getting older and the older cats get the less they play.
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My daughters cat did the same thing and found out she had cystitis, (bladder infection).
Please take her to the dr to get checked out.

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