How Do You Know When Your Cat Is Going To Give Birth?


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If your cat is in labor she will yowl very loud. When she is giving birth she will lift her two hind (back) legs up as quickly as possible. If your cat is a stray you want to play with her allot and things for her to get used to you so she will let you touch her kitten/kittens(but be careful you don't want to lose a baby or more). If you do not let her get used to you she will hiss, scratch, and maybe chase after you to get you away. When she is pregnant she will be more lovable, this will also happen before she goes into labor. If she is used to you she will let you hold her kitten/kittens and will let you help her out. When she gives birth you can sit and watch or help while watching, this will make it easier for her and make her happy. When she has her kittens get a WARM rag and whipe the kittens mouth first so they can breath. Once you do that she might eat the cord connected to the kittens or might just bite it off. If you want you can get a pair of scissors and cut the cord off, but be careful where you cut it off at. Before a cat goes into labor she wont eat much or at all. She will also become hissy and mean but don't worry this is normal and she wont hurt you even when she is giving birth. If you know where her nest is don't mess with it at all times because if you do and shes in labor she will stop the process, and this is very bad for all cats. If you have any other questions please write some for me. Thank you
                Kaitlynn s.  Ps: This is true, I have been a veterinarian for over 12 years!!!!!!
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Cast when approach towards end of gestation, show some signs of labor.These signs are signals that she will give birth to kittens very soon. These signs are
  1. Reduction in temperature below 99 oF
  2. Nesting behavior
  3. Frequent visits to nest
  4. Licking of genitalia
  5. Restlessness and pacing
  6. Changes in behavior
  7. Breast enlargement
  8. Milk production
By noting these signs you can come to know that your cat is ready to deliver. You can also get help from your vet.
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Look out for her licking her genitals and her tummy dropping down , and her nipples getting bigger, watch where she goes to see if she has found a place to hide, this is where she will probably give birth just make sure she doesn't go outside when showing these symptoms as she may give birth to kittens outdoors which wouldn't be healthy for the kittens.
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In my experience, she will start meowing quite often and start looking for an out of the way place to give birth. Mine always wanted to be in the closet out of sight. After birthing each kitten she will clean it. It may take several hours for her to deliver the whole litter. The momma cat will eat the afterbirth when she is through with delivery.
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I think my cat is going to give birth tonight because she's acting pretty strange. She's clingy, her belly is huge and looks like its dropped massively, She's been cleaning and grooming herself a lot and can't jump very well at the moment. I hope this has helped anyone else who's cats going to go into labour, and I will report back when she has had her litter.
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Well, my cat Jojo is in her little box sleeping. But I am actually afraid of her giving birth because in her last pregnancy, she sufficated one of them, but I am sure when your cat us ready, she will meow a lot and she will nag you, like she will be around you all the time.
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I seen on a website, that your cats kittens start moving around a lot in the stomach about 2 weeks before they give brith, but I have felt her stomach loads of times and there always moving and It's been about 2-1/2 weeks now but she hasn't done any of the things like meowing, finding a place to give birth or licking her parts. I work all day so I thought she may do it when I'm not there, but It's still worrying me...
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Cats in labor tend to be very restless and they start looking for a place to go that no one will bother them and if they are close to you, they will find a secure place not far from your reach
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Ny cat had no signs of labour last time round but I awoke in the middle of the night to a bunch of kittens in between my legs. I let her finish giving birth them made a nesting box under the desk in my bedroom which she did move herself and the kittens to a little while after.

This time round she is pregnant and because I don't know the signs I'm not to sure if she is going into labour; she has pulled the towel of the handrail in the tiny downstairs bathroom she is snuggled up on it in the corner of the room, every time I go near her she goes on the back, opens all the legs for me to stroke her belly ... 

She doesn't call me but I do keep going in to check on her and when I'm there all she wants is my attention.

Is she in labour? Or about to go into labour? Any advice would be great as I want to make sure I'm ready and can help her if she needs it

thanks :)

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My cat, Cola, is currently under my duvet on my bed, next to me, she is laying on her side and meows every time she wants a bit of attention, and I think she is enjoying me singing to her. I ran out of things to talk to her about, so I'm singing Nightwish instead. She seems to be a little calmer.
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My cat had 4 babies i day ago and she just started panting like a dog. Does that mean something is wrong or is there more babies coming?

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