My cat birthed a dead and breach kitten with my help around 8am. It is now after midnight and she had gone back to normal: playing, eating, and jumping, despite more kittens kicking inside her. Should I be worried?


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No, you should not be worried, the kittens are out, and also, the cat is not hurting anymore. I know this might be a strange answer but my straight answer is, no don't worry, but if you can't rely on this question, you should ask your doctor. Hope I answered your question.

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Lynn Blakeman answered
If your cat is happy and playing then all should be fine, and there is no need to worry. However, I would call the vet and take her for a check tomorrow if nothing has happened by then in terms of the other kittens being born.

Here's some information on how you should expect the birth to go, and what you should do if your cat struggles:

Kittens are usually born within about 2 hours of each other, but it isn't unusual for them to have large gaps. The main thing that worries me is that the first one was stillborn and breached. You obviously don't want her to lose more kittens so maybe a c section is in order to guarantee the welfare of the other kittens.

It is possible for cats to get pregnant by more than one male. Therefore, this may well explain a gap between births as the other kittens may not have been conceived on the same day. However, it is best to check with a vet, as I know your cat is precious to you, as I am sure the kittens are too.

Let me know how she gets on, I hope all goes well.

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