How Much Should My Supposedly T Cup Chihuahua Weigh At 5 Months? If It Weighs 3 And A Half Does That Mean Its Not Going To Be A T Cup?


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I will pass on some information that I got last month.  I got it from the American Kennel Club, because I had the same question.
There is no such thing as a "teacup" chihuahua.  That is a marketing ploy to imply that you are getting a super small chihuahua puppy.  The breed is "chihuahua".   None of the kennel clubs acknowledge a teacup variety of chihuahua.     Breeders will often use this term to sell their puppies.  They will get a higher price on their chihuahuas if they are advertised as "teacup".   The kennel clubs say the only way you can know how small your chihuahua puppy will stay is to see the parents.
My "teacup" chihuahua puppy was given to me, by my children.  She was advertised as a "teacup" and they paid top dollar for her.   She is 6.5 pounds now, at 1 year old!!   Hardly a "teacup".  I love her to death.....but my kids got ripped off by this ploy.
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Well chihuahuas are anywhere from 1-6lbs and most places will also try and tell you that a 'teacup' can be 6lbs. I am pretty sure people consider 'teacup' as 4lbs and under. So even though it may not be recognized, that's what people mean.
If your dog is 3.5lbs at 5 months, chances are it won't get too much bigger .
.However even a 6.5lb dog is still VERY small.
Also keep in mind, the smaller the chihuahua the greater the chance of health issues. Consider yourself lucky if your dog IS over4

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