Why Is My Great Pyrenees Limping?


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Limping can be due to an injury. It can not be diagnosed the problem without having a look on the toenails. It can be a thorn or placement of some grass or any other things between web. This problem can be due to too small or too large nails. So to avoid further complications. Take your pet to a vet for treatment.
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Large breed dogs are very prone to orthopedic disease.  Some of these diseases like elbow or hip dysplasia are hereditary and developmental.  X-rays may be needed to determine the cause of lameness.  If this is an older dog then bone cancer is also a concern.
Dogs in general can get sprains and strains too that respond to rest and anti-inflammatories.  Other injuries that rupture ligaments are more serious.
This dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause of lameness and start appropriate pain medication.

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