How Long Is A Great Pyrenees Pregnant And Are There Any Difficulties?


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Average gestation period is usually 59 to 63 days from first tie or insemination but can be a little sooner or later. Start taking temp. Around 56 or 57 or even sooner if you think you should (98 and the pups should arrive within 24 hours). There is always a risk of difficulties, infection or death any time you breed a female. They also can change since a breeder is different from a pet. Some of the instincts we try to bury with training kick into high gear to be a parent. One of the side effects of a breeding dog is marking :-). The girls like to go for towels, blankets, THEIR stuff, and sometimes even their favorite spot on the furniture, whatever they think is theirs or have decided they would like to be theirs, LOL. Males are a little more general and it can be more of an absolutely everything thing. Thank goodness for steam cleaners and tile floors.
I'm not sure whether they run towards any particular difficulties or not aside from the universal ones but you should be in close contact with your vet in any case :-). Maybe they've done a few Pyrenees parents and have noticed some commonalities in the difficulties if they're a little more breed specific. Some dogs will even go crazy (as in like they can swing all the way towards psychotic) due to hormone levels but that doesn't happen as often as most of the others it's usually a bit more mild. If you can find a mentor (a professional with many years behind them) they can help you with any of that and can be invaluable concerning almost everything. You also risk the common health issues of an unspayed female like breast cancer, other hormonal problems and uterine infection (uterine infection and infection of the mammary glands are very common in dogs that have given birth).
Having an ultrasound (the best I think) or an x-ray can be invaluable with the whelping process. Potential or actual problems may be spotted early so you can be prepared and you have a good idea of how many so you have a better idea if one or more did not deliver. With the ultrasound you can even get a pic before their even born :-). You also know if your dog actually took and whether or not they ended up with pyometra or puppies and pyometra can be deadly and a little hard to spot because it is in the uterus and many people mistake the signs for heat, miscarriage, or spotting or there may be NO signs or maybe only a slightly bigger stomach if it's closed cervix until your girl is near death.
Your vet can advise you as to potential danger signs during whelping and when to call and when it may be an emergency and how to spot problems with mom and the pups once they arrive but here a mentor is also invaluable because they've probably gone through it and learned the hard way.
Many people swear by raspberry leaves as a supplement during pregnancy which they believe helps with the birth process (you can try animal revival for this). I do c-section but still add it because it seems to help after as well with the cleaning out and seems to reduce the need for oxytosin injections. It's also great to make sure you have a small can of formula (make sure it's a colostrum one) and other necessary supplies on hand (and that you know how) before the pups arrive in case there's a problem and you need it.
Pretty much after the water breaks and there are no pups for two hours call the vet or a break of more than two hours in between pups call the vet, or a very dark fluid and especially no pups call the vet, or excessive bleeding, or if she seems in distress, or if you get worried because things just don't seem to be going right or something seems wrong call the vet :-). Make sure there is a placenta delivered for each pup. This is usually after each pup but not always so be sure to count. She can eat a few but too many can cause diarrhea.
Um, those are some general basics. Are you thinking about it or did you do it? Sorry I couldn't be a bit more breed specific but pyr's are not one of my breeds specifically. Some things are pretty much universal though with only some slight variation :-).
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Pregnancy in all dogs including Great Pyrenees can last for 58-69 days with an average of 63-66 days. Deliveries in all dogs can be complicated. That is why I always advice owners like you who are not experienced in breeding to get help from the vet for whelping and more better is to get spay your dog to avoid many complications. If your dog is pregnant then get abdominal ultrasound after 50 days of pregnancy. This ultrasound will help you in following ways.
  1. This will help you to know litter size
  2. This will help you to know any birth defects
  3. This will let you know whelping complication
  4. This ultrasound will tell possible date of delivery

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